Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Yeah, we're kind of missing in action right now but for good reason. We are currently visiting the in-laws (Paul's family) who live 12 hours away. The ride went surprisingly well! Both Collin and Ronnie did great. We stopped midway to let the kids run around and have a picnic. There was no whining -- they stayed entertained w/ what we brough and the times we drove. It overlapped with nap time and bed time so they actually slept a lot of the car ride. YAY!

The kids have already gone fishing, boat riding (a paddle boat) and gone to a children's museum. The children's museum was our favorite so far. Collin loved a bunch of it... he even touched a snake and an alligator. Ronni's favorite thing were the grub worms. I have no idea why but she stood on the stool in front of the aquarium and just laughed and stared. lol! It was pretty cute.

Tonight, Paul's brother is returning from his 2-year mission for the church. Everyone left to go the airport dressed in jeans and camouflage (sp?) shirts. I am staying home w/ the three kids but it's almost 9:30pm here so all but Collin are asleep so it should be pretty easy. I thought I'd take this down time to log on and update everyone on what's happening. Don't worry... I have pics but they'll have to wait until we're back home.

Everyone have a Happy New Year!
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