Sunday, December 21, 2008


Okay... I've gotten a little behind. My life has been crazy. We are on a budget so I'm making Christmas presents for a lot of the family and I've been trying to catch up on those. I only have 1½ sock monkeys left. I can't mention the other things I've been working on b/c the future recipients of those gifts read this blog ;).

Collin has seemed to have trouble w/ the whole "giving" thing. He's three years old so I guess that's to be expected but I didn't like it. I decided he should make stuff to give to people so he could experience "giving". I made some playdough and we made thumb prints and poked a hole through it so his cousins can use them as necklaces. I hung them on yarn and they're under the Christmas tree. He also made 'works of art' from the play dough for g-parents and painted them. He's so excited about them and keeps saying, "my friends are going to love them, Mom."

Today was the Sunday before Christmas so that means big stuff going on at church. I had sharing time which was fun but I was busy planning the past few days. I also made 45 cookies to pass out to the kids. Yikes. Not all of them went to the kids, some stayed here and we're saving some for Santa. I also sang in a duet for the Christmas program which caused me, being terrified of being in front of people, to have major butterflies all day. I sang for almost an hour today (not as a solo but w/ the choir). Sacrament meeting went a little long.

Today is also our sixth wedding anniversary. We have the traditional pizza rolls and sparkling grape juice ready. I know, we're weird. Our first anniversary we had no money so to celebrate we bought pizza rolls and sparkling grape juice so it has now become a tradition. We eat pizza rolls, drink sparkling grape juice and watch a movie.

oooh! Look at the time. I'm going to get kids to bed then pizza rolls and hubby, here I come! =D
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