Saturday, December 13, 2008

Organizing the food storage...

Ug! What a task... while Paul and Collin were building the "wall"... the blog below.... and Ronni was napping I decided to tackle the daunting task of organizing the food storage. I had no idea how much room we had for more. It's still not perfect but so much better than before.

This is the BEFORE picture... pretty bad, huh?
This is one of the after pictures. All that empty space to the right of the bookshelf now has these and they are labeled too. I'll figure out something better later but for now this is going to have to do.
This is a close up of my shelves after organization took place.

Here is a pic w/ full view of most of the closet. Hopefully we'll be able to get some shelves soon so we can put themin there. Look at all that extra space we have! So much better than that first pic... huh?

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