Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Treats... mmmmm

What kinds of Christmas treats do you make? Here are some I made today. I only do the easy stuff b/c I normally have some rugrats attached to my legs while cooking. =D

Chocolate covered spoons. I use the leftover chocolate from the popcorn (below) for the spoons. The kids like them. They think they're suckers.
This is chocolate covered popcorn. One of my faves! This is white chocolate and semi-sweet---- YUMMY!

We also like dog chow which is just chex covered w/ melted peanut butter kisses and then powdered sugar. Another one we make is a mix of chex mix w/ karo syrup and stuff. It's very yummy too but I haven't made these yet. One thing at a time! =D
Share your recipes w/ me!! =) We like to eat around here.

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