Sunday, March 6, 2011


For playgroup this week we went to the firestation. Totally fun! My kiddos loved it!! Collin and Ronni are the oldest two there. Well, there's one little girl a few months older than Ronni but she's the closest one to them. I am so grateful that Collin was there b/c he kept asking questions so it was fun getting the answers. There were a few things that they did, after they acted like they were done, because Collin asked about it. :)

Here are the kids on the back of the BIG firetruck. :)
This is the side of the big firetruck. And, if you're wondering, of course Collin asked what all the nozzles and knobs do. You plug one into the fire hydrant and then two of them plug into hoses which are color coded to knobs that turn it on and control the amount of water pressure going through the hose. Interesting, huh? I love that it's color coded b/c if a fireman is hurrying to put out a fire, it makes it a little more simple. :)
And then, Collin had to ask them about the clothing so Fireman Kyle (you'll see a picture of him later) took him over to his clothing. He got to wear his boots and pants and then took those off and wore the jacket and helmet. I didn't get a pic of the boots b/c Collin kept falling so I was holding him up. LOL!
Here is fireman Kyle, the one who answered all of Collin's questions. He even opened all the little compartments so he could see what was kept in there. I also talked to Kyle about Collin's fear of policemen. He thinks they're mean so he went and found a policeman who came out and talked to Collin. He gave him high fives and just chatted with Collin. By the end of the conversation Collin promised Kyle and the policeman (I can't remember his name now) that he would get either of them if he ever needed help. hehe! :)
And here is a pic of all the kids who made it that day. :) So fun!! :)
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