Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I probably shouldn't admit this to the world....

...but, luckily the world doesn't read my blog. ;) Today I feel like I must the worst mom ever. I think I have completely failed my children. If someone asks be what is the most important blessing I've ever had in my life my immediate answer would be, "my children." Then, if someone asks me what my biggest challenge has been in my life, my immediate answer would be, "my children." They are wonderful. Both of them have such great personalities and I am sooooo grateful that I get to spend everyday with them. They have such sweet spirits and are tons of fun. However, somedays they really don't obey at all. Is this normal? Most blogs I read from other moms make it sound as if they have the perfect children who obey them all the time. haha! Not me!

For example, I decided to take a shower this morning. Yeah, I really need those once in a while. I normally take them at the gym but we've had runny noses so the kids couldn't stay in the daycare at the gym so we stayed home today. I bolt locked the doors that go to outside and told the kids they had to stay on the couch and I turned on Rugrats. As soon as I stepped under the water the kids bang on the bathroom door yelling that they need juice. Well, I couldn't get them juice so they yelled at me so I sent them back to the couch. Soon, Ronni was screaming right outside my door. "What is going on?" I yelled. Ronni replied that Collin was blocking her from getting in the bathroom and she had to pee. I yelled to get Collin from in front the door so Ronni could get in. Then she couldn't get out for the same reason. I had to yell at Collin again. Then they were screaming in the living room. I knocked on the wall of the shower (living room is on the other side of it) trying to get them to call down and then they started banging on the wall. *sigh*

In Jan I went to a class for mothers with young children. Well, I go every month but in January it was about patience and how we shouldn't yell at our children. I normally do really well but in mornings like this... ack! I have been told that I play too much with my children and they can't entertain themselves. Then, when I let them play on their own I am told by others that I shouldn't ignore my children. I am always getting told what I'm doing wrong with them. I know that I shouldn't listen to others but these are experienced moms and I feel that they know better than I do but they contradict themselves. Maybe I just need a day off or a few hours off.... hmmmmm.... I'll have to work something out.

I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea. I LOVE my children and they really are not bad children we just all have bad days and I think today all three of us are having a bad day on the same day. I just needed to vent. If you read this then thanks for listening. I am going to try to not let my bad day overlap with theirs anymore. Hopefully the rest of the day I will be smiling and happy no matter what they are doing. :)
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