Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick - or - Treat!!

This pic was taken near the end of our round. The kids were tired and Ronni was already trying to get into a goody bag she had gotten at someone's house. hehe! Don't worry... I checked all the candy before they got a taste. ;)

This is the result of a hard night's work. The kids were pleased. Most of it is going in the freezer so they don't go crazy on it. I'm going to use some of it for cookies and cakes and things. What does everyone do w/ all the candy you get in your home? I read once of a woman who freezes it all and gives it out to trick or treaters the next year. That almost seemed like trick or treating was a waste to me but... hey! Saves her some money... candy's getting expensive!

These two pictures were taking near the beginning of our adventure -- it wasn't quite dark yet. I kept trying to get a picture of them and the picture below is what they all looked like. They wouldn't look at me and all I could get of Ronni was the duck bill. Collin heard me complaining to Mi-Mi so he pulled Ronni's hood back (above pic) and I at least got one of them smiling. =)

I finally convinced the kids to come home when Collin was staggering around. After a while he refused to ride in the wagon but then he was so tired and falling and tripping over everything I convinced him to get back in and we'd hit a couple more houses on our way home. He agreed but boy was he tired. I think Ronni was tired too b/c their trick or treat bags lit up and she was just dazed out staring at the light. lol!! I think we all had fun! Now I just have to find a good hiding spot for the candy. ;)

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