Friday, October 17, 2008

Bouncy Bratz

We went to Bouncy Bratz today. Who knew there was something so cool in our little town?? I sure didn't. Here are the pics! It only cost $5/kid and there was even a little toddler area for Ronni. The kids loved it!!

Collin going down the slide. It was really steep so he went really fast!!
Ronni in the toddler area. This was her standing in the door.
She's playin'. She's such a big girl!!
Collin joined Ronni in the toddler area for a while.
Collin was proud of himself after going down the slide his.... fifth time?? There's a blow-up maze you have to get through before you can get to whatever it is he climbed to get to the top of the slide. I couldn't even see it unless I got in and I didn't want to pay for me to jump too. =D
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