Sunday, October 5, 2008

Conference -- what did you think?

(To those of you not LDS I am referring to General Conference. Our church is a world wide organization and broadcasts a meeting bi-annually. It is a total of 10 hours split up into 5 two hour meetings that spans over two days. It is very awesome!)

Did you guys enjoy conference? What was your favorite talk?? Did you see that there are going to be new temples (Calgary, Argentina, Kansas City, Rome and Philadelphia)? Exciting! Did I miss any?

Here are the highlights of some of my faves. I have two children in the home though so I missed a couple of the talks that I really wanted to hear.

  • I loved that Neil L Anderson said "faith is a decision -- you have to choose faith."
  • Joseph Wirthlin's talk was awesome too! His mom said, "Come what may and love it." and he added his own quote, "If you're tempted to groan, laugh instead."
  • Todd Christofferson's talk about us trying to make our homes a Zion. It has to start there. That was an "aha!" moment for me. =)
  • I loved David A Bednar's talk on more meaningful prayers and his suggestion to occasionally say prayers where you ask for nothing and just "give thanks in all things."
  • Henry B Eyring's on unity!
  • Robert D Hales speaking about "Christian Courage."
  • Elaine S Dalton -- stand for what's right even if you stand alone. Great advice! I hope my yw were listening. =)
  • Pres Monson's talk on living life. Don't let it pass you by. I liked the story of the circus. The dad turned down something at work so he could take his kids to the circus. His wife told him the circus will come back and his response was, "I know, but childhood doesn't."

During conference Collin and Paul entertained themselves. See the picture below. LOL!!

Below is the destruction of their "masterpiece!"

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