Sunday, October 19, 2008

The county fair....

Monday for FHE we went to the fair. So... there wasn't much of a spiritual thought there but it was fun. We even had refreshments... funnel cake!! Yummmmm.... I haven't had one in forever and I think it was Collin and Ronni's first one. They both LOVED it. All four of us shared one.

Collin and me on the carousel (I had to pay tickets for me to stand up there and hold him on.... bleh!
The goat was really cute with Ronni at first but then he tried to eat her zipper on her jacket. Needless to say... we quickly moved her back and she just watched after that. hehe!
This was the kangaroo. Yeah... this was all he did. We couldn't figure out if he was a heavy sleeper or if they sedated him. He was breathing though.
I know you can't see it very well but this is the monster truck Collin and Paul rode in.
This is the monster truck Collin wanted to ride in. It was called Monster Patrol.
Collin is the fourth head on there. You can't really see much of his head though. He was looking at Paul on the other side. He loved this ride and had to get on "all by myself". That seems to be a popular phrase lately.
This was Collin getting in the helicopter... again, "all by myself." He liked it at first....
After a couple of turns up there we saw his little arms reaching out and his face all scrunched up crying. It was heart breaking b/c we couldn't do anything for him until they got him down. Later he told me he cried b/c he was "stuck very very high."
After our experience with the helicopter he didn't ride anymore rides by himself. Collin and I went on the ferris wheel together. =)

Paul took this video with the camera while he and Collin were riding in the back of the monster truck. It's really kind of funny watching Collin's face. It's pretty much the same thing over and over so don't expect anything dramatic at the end. Collin said it was really fun and he wanted to do it again but the look on his face sure made us think otherwise. hehe!

This video was taken w/ Paul's phone so it actually has sound. The first little bit of it is pretty boring but just wait. It's the wheelie contest and the only one that Paul recorded was the winner and it was pretty cool. I held my breath for it though. I decided I could never be the mother or wife of a monster truck driver. It's too scary. lol! You can hear me in the background right before the wheelie saying, "Hurry up and take the picture!" I thought he was taking a pic and didn't realize he was doing a video. I needed help with the kids... lol!! So... ignore me.... =D That's probably why he didn't take anymore video. My bad!!!

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