Sunday, October 26, 2008

Singing Time Hat

As most of you know I am now the second counselor in the primary presidency. We're still working on finding teachers (hopefully by next week). We didn't have a primary chorister today so I subbed for singing time. It was actually really fun. I searched online for some ideas to make it interesting and found this one w/ the hat. I made a "beautiful" hat and told the kids that if they sang really well then their teacher (most of them subs too) would have the honor or wearing my "beatiful" hat. The kids loved it... the teachers -- not so much. =D It was tons of fun though! If all the kids sang well then the primary president got to wear it.

What do you think? Is the hat completely hideous? There are grapes at the base of the flowers and there are frogs I sewed to the hat (that's what the green and blue spots are that you may not be able to make out). hehe! And the kids kept asking me if that was real fruit --- nope! all fake -- just in case you thought I was completely loco and put real fruit on there. haha!
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