Thursday, December 22, 2011

Birthday Boy!!

I'm a bit behind on the blog so there will be several posts today. ;)

First, Collin's birthday party. My son turned six. Ack!!! I can't believe it. Anyways, here are some pics from his birthday party... enjoy. :)
Collin's science themed cake. Isn't it awesome? No, I didn't make it. I'm not quite that talented. I did help mix the colors for icing... does that count for anything? hehe! :)

We made Non-Newtonian Fluid b/c Collin absolutely loves it and... as you can see, it turned into a big hit. Good thing it's just corn starch and water b/c that's a huge mess.

Cutting the cake. That's Kami under the big, red blanket. She was a bit cold.

Collin and his best friend. Luckily for us, this family has a daughter Ryanne's age and they are great friends and their mom is pretty awesome too and I love to hang out with her so they make good play-dates for the kids b/c we all have someone to hang out with. =o)
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