Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pinterest... and my linen closet???

Okay, everyone kept saying that I had to go to pinterest b/c it's so addicting. Well, the last thing that I need is an addiction. I mean, I hardly have anytime as it is. Well, today I gave in to peer pressure and went to pinterest for less than five minutes and I see a problem. My problem isn't in the addiction part but in all the projects that I'm about to have on top of full time classes and virtual schooling Collin and my book blog and being a mom and keeping the house (not listed in any particular order). In the couple minutes I was there I have already found a project for me... ya ready?
I want to turn my linen closet from this:
Notice that I have everything from linens to toolboxes to craft stuff, lightbulbs and giftboxes in here. haha!! I guess that's what happens when one has a limisted supply of closets. Also, the door is only about 2' wide (that's being generous). So, I want to turn it into something similar to this:

Isn't that beautiful? They fit so much stuff in there. Yes, I am going to this. However, I'm not starting it until after the holidays. By then, I'll find another projects to start from pinterest probably. hehe!!
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