Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Organizing the pantry!! :)

My grandmother gave us money to buy Christmas presents with and Paul and I bought shelves for the pantry. Yay!! Up until now, it was just a door-less closet that we stuck a bookshelf in to hold the food but it was only about half of the space so there was tons of wasted space. We decided it was time for shelves. But, first, we had to have a place for the wrapping paper (I saw it on pinterest. )
This is standing in the door-less closet looking up at the ceiling.

This is from right outside of it. We tied yarn across from one wall to the other and then slid the wrapping paper up there. Isn't that awesome?
Now, on to the shelves!!
Here are the NEW empty shelves. We had room to put all our boxes of food on the floor under the bottom shelf... yay!! And... of course Ryanne had to find a way to be in the picture. LOL! :)

Here it is full of all the food in the house (even the food from the bedroom) except for the buckets and the food that makes up our bed. Yes, we're weirdos who have a box springs and mattress on a bunch of food. ;)

The book shelf is what used to be our "pantry". Now, it holds all of Collin's school stuff that previously took up space in the living room and master bedroom. Hooray!! I'm super excited!! :)
Now, what will our project be tomorrow? I love that Paul is off all week. The poor guy has a very long 'honey-do' list but I am absolutely LOVING it!!! :)
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