Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas gifts put to use. :)

In Ryanne's hair stuff was a texture softener. It's a chemical and sort of like a mild relaxer. She has been wanting a relaxer but I didn't want to straighten out her beautiful curls so I thought this would be a nice compromise. Her curls pull out a little so they're more manageable but the curls are still there. This morning I was able to do her hair. She didn't even cry b/c there were only a few tangles. It was amazing and totally unlike her hair. The curls are pretty much the same to look at but touching and styling is where the difference lies. Love it!! :) Here's what I did this morning but I figured out that her hair is a bit too short for it so I had to use a few bobby pins to keep the braids in place. Remember, I'm new at styling her hair in braids and such but hope to get much better so no judging. I'm just so excited that I'm able too now!! YAY!!

Above view.

Side view. I tried to do box braids and criss crossed them into a little bun. :)
Wait! There's more. I also made the kids pillow mattresses. I cheated a little bit though. I made them out of old sheets that I bought at Goodwill for $2 each and then the pillows were $2.50 so each pillow mattress cost me a total of $12. YAY!! Apparently the kids love them! :)

They are four pillows each and they doubled them up under their head. Collin then pulled the last pillow over him to watch Fraggle Rock. ;)

They realized I was taking pictures so decided to ham it up. haha!!

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