Monday, January 31, 2011

Patience: Step 3 & 4

I meant to post this last night but Paul and I were chatting and then I got distracted b/c he and I were listening to a conference talk and this just didn't happen. :) So, I'm going it now. What was step three? "Become sensitive to the examples of patience and of impatience that occur around us every day. We should strive to emulate those individuals we consider to be patient."

I tried very hard yesterday to be conscious of myself. I was actually proud of myself. Yesterday was Sunday so we had the ole' get ready for church morning. It actually went okay. Instead of expecting my poor husband to read my mind I asked him to help me with things. For the most part, the kids cooperated but when Collin decided he'd rather play with his cars than eat his breakfast, I remained calm. I didn't freak out or anything. I even felt calm. I wasn't just holding it in, well, there were times that I was holding it in but mostly, I really was calm. Everyone ate, dressed and we made it to church in time for me to set up the primary room and be in our seats before sacrament meeting started.

Throughout the day, I saw so many examples around me. I continued to try hard. There were a few times during the day where I had to grit my teeth and take a deep breath but I was really proud of myself. YAY!!

Now, for step 4. Step 4 is going to last the rest of my life --- step three probably will too. Step 4 is to "Recommit each day to become more patient, and be certain to keep our selected family members involved in our patience project." Paul knows all about it and so do my kiddos so hopefully together we'll do okay and I will be more patient with them and my husband. :)
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