Monday, January 17, 2011

Patriots Point

This weekend we took some stuff to my mom at her new home. While we were there, the five of us went to Patriots Point. It was very cool, the kids were SO excited about it.
 Here we are walking out to the ship.
 My kids, the fighter pilots. Ronni had to sit on her knees for us to get her in the picture. hehe!

 Paul explaining to the kids how the generator worked.
 An F-15... Collin was really excited about the cartoon image of Felix the Cat on this plane. He's one of Collin's favorite cartoons.
 We HAD to go on the flight simulator while we were there. The four of us were the only ones on it for our turn too. I had Collin with me and he was smiling and laughing the entire time. I think Ronni had fun too but I didn't get to see her face.
 My kids and the big gun!
 Throughout the tour Ronni was looking for a helicopter. We FINALLY found one and she claimed it as HER helicopter so we had to get a picture of it. :)

Below: Paul and Collin. The engine was no longer in the plane so it was just a long tunnel. :)
 The Captain's Chair!!!

Now, time to explore the submarine!

 These are what Paul referred to as Hobbit Doors. Actually, I think he said they were too small for Hobbit doors. LOL! He had a hard time with them. :)

 Here is a sample of how tight parts of the sub were. Paul is in the background feeling a bit claustrophobic. hehe!

I am so excited that my mom now lives near so many great things. Hopefully we'll get to visit these fun places more often!! :)
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