Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas, New Year, Ice Storm

Yeah, so, I've gotten a bit behind. Our life has pretty much been go go go!! since Thanksgiving. We went to TX for Thanksgiving then came home for two days and then the kids and I left for NY to pick up my mom. We came back and then we just kept going. Kami stayed with us during her Christmas break too so we had 6 ppl living in our 2 bedroom, 1 bath home. It was a bit tight. haha!

Christmas was fun though! Ronni and I spent Christmas Eve day at the doctor's office. She had strep throat and I had an ear infection so we weren't able to go to the family's house that evening. On Christmas Day my sis, her hubby and their 4 kids were at our house. If you did your math correctly then you figured out that meant 12 ppl in our little home. 6 of them were 6 or under. It was great being all together though, even if the conditions were a bit tight. :) The day after Christmas (Kami's 17th b-day) we had SNOW!!!

New Years was just my mom and us. My sis and family were back home and Kami went to Greenville so there were only 5 of us in our home. We didn't really do anything exciting.We had fried rice and egg rolls for dinner so a very untraditional meal.My mom and I were the only ones who stayed up to welcome in the New Year. We stayed up watching Tin Man. LOL!

My mom now has a job in Charleston so she's there, we are all (somewhat) healthy again and we thought life would finally get back to normal but yesterday we woke up to a white world and everything was closed! Even Paul's work. So we were home all day as the snow storm came in. Today, everything is closed again b/c of all the ice. It seems to be melting now and we've kept power the whole time so that's a plus. The set back is that our heater decided to start working yesterday morning. Boo!!! Now we have to pay for that. It has been fun all being together with a white world around us and a hot fire to snuggle up by. Here are some pics:

Here are the kids having fun in the "snow".... I guess it was actually sleet. :)
The ice was just too pretty not to take a picture of it and share.
This was just a perfect picture for SC. Last week the weather was almost 70 degrees so it is a nice, green holly bush with berries and icicles hanging from them. haha!
The kids snuggled up by the fire to warm up. :) Aren't they cute! Aren't you jealous that you're not there? haha!
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