Monday, January 24, 2011

Messes and rocking herself to sleep

 This is what happens when my children decide to play train. They don't play with the wooden trains and track, oh no! That would be too simple. They dump out the toy boxes and line them up and sit in them and drive them all over the world. This was actually a lot of fun for them.... it was the aftermath that wasn't quite as enjoyable. ;)
 Ronni goes to bed before Collin so by the time he climbs into his top bunk, Ronni is out on the bottom bunk. Well, the other day I went in there to take Collin and Ronni wasn't in bed. I couldn't find her. Then I noticed this strange pile of blankets on the rocking cow. I lifted up the blanket and there she was. Apparently she fell asleep while rocking...??? hehe!
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