Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Rainy Morning in the Life of a Stay at Home Mom

So, I'll be honest. When opportunity first presented itself for me to be a SAHM, I was a bit skeptical. I though it would be so boring! I figured I'd sit around at home, bored, watching movies all day. Now, I think of that and just have to laugh. Little did I know. When I worked full time, I was always busy but I was busy in a different way. I wasn't really exhausted by the end of it like I am now. I was just busy. Now, I am busy all the time, my brain is constantly turning with ways to help one of the kids with something, how to make that easier or what we're going to do the next day. Today, it was a bit rainy so the kids couldn't go outside but I thought I'd give you a taste of some of the stuff that SAHMs do. :)
First, we all got up, (I showered), and we got dressed and ate breakfast. We decided that today was a cookie day so we started the day off by making cookies. While they were baking we decided to wash dishes.

Then, time to eat some cookies!!
I think Ronni did pretty well at stacking dishes for a 3 yo.

Of course, this meant.... PLAY TIME!!
Then, home preschool. To see pictures of this check here. I may not have today's up yet. I am going to try to catch up today.
After that, I had to get some laundry folded and strip the beds. While I was folding and rotating laundry, here's what the kids were doing. :)
They cooked,

Ronni played dress up,
Collin built his marble run,
and then they helped me make the bed. Don't you love the pillows? LOL! They had fun! Baker, the cat, tried to help to. He likes being under the sheets while we make the bed. hehe!

They had some music time.... I had Cranberries playing loudly in the kitchen to try to block out some of the sounds. haha! Be grateful you weren't here for that one. :)
And, of course, we mustn't forget the time spent in the time out corner. Obviously, she wasn't too happy to be there. hehe! :)

Now, it's lunch time. I just made lunch, we're eating and watching Word World. Soon it will be nap time for Ronni and I have two meetings via the phone with my Lit professor and my Mentor (I do school online). So, nap will be me working on geometry and my lit paper. ;) After nap, we'll go to the library, cook dinner and then daddy will be home. Hooray! So now, you, too, see that SAHMs don't get to just sit on their bums all day. LOL!
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