Thursday, May 8, 2014

What have I created?

Okay... as far as creations go... it's mostly been school related. ;)

I created this to help Ryanne with number recognition. If she follows the key and colors the circles the appropriate colors then she'll find the hidden picture. :) hehe!

These go with my lesson I taught at the local elementary school. Woot! I had to prepare a phonetic/phonemic awareness lesson and there had to be an independent activity. So... to make it independent but still phonetic, I made qr codes. They scanned the codes and then it went to my voice asking them a question about words and sounds. They seemed to have fun with it. I had fun with it too! 

My sister and I are planning an end of the school year party for our children revolving around children's books. We have games and awards going with the book theme. :)

Collin and I both worked on this one. He did the folder part. I did the laminating, cutting, and velcroing. This is his new sensory diet. I won't explain how it works because that will get expensive but just know that this is what he's doing to become a little more independent with his SPD. ;)

Collin's spelling words were a bit long this week so I broke them up for him in hopes they'll help. These are Collin's spelling words while at the local elementary school the students in the same grade are spelling cow, brown, aim..etc. I was a little surprised at the differences in the words. 

I also created a unit on fractions. This is the anchor chart I made.

A friend of mine and I are also creating something. We are writing a story together and this was the count a few days ago. It's now over 110,000 words. We're almost finished though.

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