Friday, May 9, 2014

Phone Purge Friday

I got one of these for K-1 grade and one for 2-3 grade. Basically, it's supposed to help prevent the "Summer Slide". I'm also working on a program to help with it as well. This book will happen two days/week. They're just worksheets and flash cards to help students remember things they learned. We have 11 weeks for summer vacation! YAY!!

This is a very popular book series in the classroom I'm working in so I ordered one of the books so I could read it. Perhaps Collin or Ryanne will as well but, yes, I ordered this and I'm currently reading it. LOL! ;)

Ryanne's ballet costume. Isn't she cute? They will be dancing to We Are The Champions by Queen.

You can tell Ryanne's tights have been through a lot this year. She has new ones for the recital but she can't wear them until AFTER the recital. ;) This is her jazz costume. They're dancing to Vogue by Madonna. Below is her routine but you have to come to the recital to see it from the front. I think Ryanne is pretty good but I'm her mom so I don't know much my opinion counts. 

The other day, this app was on sale -- FREE!!! It's Hooked on Phonics Classroom Edition and it's normally $49.99. I was so stoked I got it for free. YAY!! I barely made it. I didn't hear about it until about an hour before the sale was over but I got it and that's all that matters. ;)

 Ryanne is showing off a new kit I made her. Counting up to 30! She can count it but she gets the numbers mixed up so this has her actually writing them. I laminated the strips so she just writes in dry erase marker so I can wipe them off and she can reuse them.

 Horse shoes!! The Wolves played horseshoes after they passed off a few things in their meeting. ;)

Today I had 6 kids doing school in my house. Lots of computers and students scattered on all the flat surfaces available throughout my home. :) It was tons of fun though! Then we watched Frozen and the older ones (2nd grade +) played a game of Scrabble before heading out to the library.

One of our favorite days at the library is the Lego Club. This was the creation my kids came up with. We (meaning the grown ups) made it into the room in time for "sharing time" before picking up the kids. This is when the kids explain what they created. It was so interesting watching my son just jump right in willingly and explain what was going on. haha! Apparently public speaking is not a problem for him. ;)

 Library park -- so how many kids can you fit on this thing? haha!!!

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