Saturday, May 17, 2014

School Room Makeover Part I: The Credenza

My school room sort of looks like it exploded. Before we started up this school year we got rid of the dining room table and and built a bar in our kitchen to eat at so we could have room for school. It was taking over. It has continued to take over. This is our third year of virtual school and first year with two children. We also live in a 1000 sq ft home (yes, we all share one bathroom -- I am always asked that). There isn't a lot of space to share it with a bunch of school stuff so it's gradually been taking over more and more.

This coffee table and book case is how I organized it. There also was a little plastic tower of drawers that went between them. It had all the craft stuff on it. The book case had all the text books, lit books, and story books along with letter tiles and science experiment stuff. The table had papers, notebooks, pencils...etc. on top with math manipulatives, writing prompts...etc. stored underneath it, along with the safety goggles and maps and any extras like that. It was a bit chaotic. I wanted all of this stuff to take up less room but wasn't sure how. I saw a post about a woman who got it all into a armoire and thought that would be really cool. However, looking at our stuff and at our room, there was only one place it could go (where the bookshelf is) and it would still be smashed up into our pantry just like it is now. Also, most of the ones we saw were sort of short and expensive so we decided to go a different route. My husband came up with the idea of a credenza. Again, we searched and found some cute ones but the ones that looked good and would hold all of our stuff were sooooo expensive. So, my brilliant hubby came up with an idea.

Why don't we build out own out of two of those cheapo bookshelves from Walmart and the extra wood under the carport? So, that's what we did.

 My job was to clear out all the stuff. Above is the stuff that was under the coffee table. Below was the stuff one the coffee table and the book shelf. It's a lot of stuff. I was feeling doubtful it would all fit on our soon-to-be creation along with the craft stuff in the drawer tower thingy.
 Paul arrived home with incredibly heavy boxes. I may have had to stop twice to breathe while carrying in one and Paul still took his box all the way in and then came out and got the box I had before I even made it to the carport door. Yeah, I'm working on developing upper body muscles, okay?

 We sort of followed the directions. We didn't connect the two halves quite like we were supposed to. We also screwed these shelves in (which we weren't supposed to do). Not only did we screw them in but we screwed them in at a different location. Not to mention that the thing is lying down on it's side.
 The two shelves in the middle section were done with spared wood we have. Those were also screwed in so I cannot move them. However, in the pic below you can see them, the side shelves were done with the original shelves (we just had to adjust their size a bit) and Paul made them adjustable. He added holes so I can arrange them how I want to. The picture below is with my 8 year old standing next to it so you can get an idea of it's size. It's really big! :) LOVE IT!!! Paul also used metal plate things to connect them together. We added sliders to the bottom also so nothing would scratch up out hardwood floors more than they already are. ;)
I couldn't leave those middle shelves wood. They needed color and I've already picked out my theme for next year (I'm not telling yet in case I change my mind or it doesn't work out) so I painted it to go with my theme.

 RED!!! :) Yeap... Then, I went to the Dollar Store and picked up some baskets. Below are the results.
I staggered the shelves on the sides so I could fit big things in the back of the bottom. :) LOVE IT!! We are still planning on doing more to it and to this room but we done for this weekend. YAY!!! :)
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