Sunday, May 25, 2014

Phone Purge

So, yeah. I'm a little behind. Ooops! Here are the pics from this past week.

First off... last Saturday was THINKING DAY!!!

All ready for thinking day. Each of the girlscout groups had a state. The Daisies in Ryanne's troop had Georgia so she's wearing "red" (okay, it's more burgundy) and black and we write "Bull Dogs" on her little cheeks. hehe!

She walked around and visited the different tables. They got to put a souvenir from each state into their paper bags.

The Daisies who went from Ryanne's troop.

The Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors who went from Ryanne's troop. The other groups in the troop had Hawaii and Alaska.

Collin got a new microscope. It was free -- a hand-me-down -- but he absolutely LOVES it!!! :)

I just thought this was funny. He had to write an equivalent fraction (not simplified but equivalent) so he decided to have fun with it. 10,000/20,000 = 2/4. hehe!

I'm already planning for 2014-2015 school year. Like my new planner look?

Picture day!!! Ryanne did a few poses for the camera. This is her Jazz number costume. Ignore the shoes. She doesn't wear her ballet or jazz shoes outside.

Their cousin spent the day with us. She's in the same virtual school as them and a kindergartner with Ryanne so when school was over, they had a water bottle fight. hehe!

They came back in completely soaked -- dripping with water. It was so crazy how wet they could get with a spray bottle. ;)

 Ryanne and I singing and cooking in the kitchen. I had show tunes going on through the headphones and Ryanne decided to join in the fun. :) Yes, this is how I cook. Sometimes it's show tunes and sometimes it's an audio book. ;)

Ryanne was given a dollhouse by a friend who was moving. This is the "before" picture. We're putting it together though so we'll post the "after" picture in a few months once it's finally finished. So many little details to it. I'm excited. Paul is putting together the windows and doors (and the walls and stuff) and I'm doing the shingles and the painting. Yay!

So, the kids only have school Tues, Wed, and Thurs and then they're all done. However, we have tons going on next weekend so we had an end of the year party on Friday. We ordered pizza, watched Hook and then went to sleep in the tent at 10pm. The kids loved getting to stay up late and sleeping in the tent. They decided they wanted to do it a second night. So, Saturday night they both went out there. I told them I couldn't sleep out there again. I wanted a real bed. At 10:20 Ryanne wanted to sleep in her bed. She claims her brother was too loud but I really think she was just scared. So, Collin slept the whole night in the tent all by himself. He loved it. The tent is now down though so the kids are back in regular beds tonight. :)

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