Friday, May 2, 2014

Phone Purge

I don't have as many this week as I normally do. Here we go...

I bought a maxi skirt! I've never had one but have been wanting one. I am short so it works as a dress for me too! :) YAY!! 

My sister and I are working on a "Summer Slide Prevention" program. I'm excited about it. We have 11 weeks of summer vacation so these are the themes we're going with, for now, for the program. Woot Woot!

 This is what I've decided we need for our school room. Instead of two desks and two chairs and me sitting on the floor, we just need a little table with those milk crates as homemade seats for storage. The trick is finding a table at a decent price. Yikes! I'm still hunting. ;) These were taken of the tables in the classroom I'm working in. :)

Ryanne practicing for her dance recital. I believe this was ballet class.

 Collin completed his Leave No Trace requirements!! This was the last thing he needed to do. The wolves picked up trash around the church neighborhood. Then we walked through a trail in the field only to realize we couldn't get through b/c it hasn't been cleared since the ice storm.

 We told Collin we'd buy him the computer programming course if he completed the free version with 3 stars on each level. Well... at 7:30 am I was texting these pictures to Paul letting him know we were spending $5 when he got home. LOL! There was a sale where we could get all three of them for $5 instead of the normal price of each one for $2. Yay for saving a buck! ;)

Books... we like books around here so there's a picture of books. There was a purpose I took a picture of these five but it's involved and no need to explain it. :)

A lesson plan I wrote to teach at the school. I'm kind of excited about it b/c it's on phonemic awareness. My teacher said they want me to be able to teach it in the dark. Obviously, I don't have to teach it in the dark but it should be possible since it's all about hearing the words. So, after the lesson, the students will do a center I created with qr codes that direct them to a recording of my voice asking them questions about how words sound. Woot!! I was so excited I figured it out.

Collin working on programming.

I just thought this was super cute. It's something the class I'm working in is doing to count down the last 26 days of school. :)

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