Friday, May 16, 2014

Phone Purge Friday

This is just the easiest way for me to update people on my life so... here we go. :)

Happy Mother's Day to me!! :) Paul and I decided to invest in a laser printer. I print a lot. Especially with all the school stuff going on around here. Ink is so expensive that I had already given up on buying colored ink so that isn't a big sacrifice for us. I LOVE THIS THING!!! It prints so quickly and the toner is supposed to last forever!!! WOOT!!! So excited about it. (I love Paul's facial expression in this. He is looking at me like, "seriously? You're taking a picture?" LOL!

We also got a punching bag for Collin and Paul.

My Mother's Day treasures. ;)

The kids made me pizza for dinner... left is a heart and right is a smiley face.

So, on Mother's Day I am always fussed any time I try to clean. However, if I don't clean then I have to clean double on Monday. So, I stayed up until midnight so I could clean after everyone else was in bed. LOL! It makes for a better Monday morning that way. ;)

I have recommitted to the 21 Day Fix. I did three rounds of it then quit for 3 weeks and was informed I am a happier person when on it so I'm back on it. LOL!

This was a math dot game. She had to color in the dots depending on the number and make her own shape.

Monday was the kids last day of Homeschool Monday. They were so sad but they'll do it again next year. Ryanne loved that she was finally able to participate in it. :)

Water fight with Nana!!!

The teacher I am working with uses "blue tickets". She says to use anything like this and give it to the kids when they are listening well or something. At the end of the week they do a drawing with their blue tickets. The winner gets a homework pass or pencil or whatever. So... I made these. This way the kids don't beg me for more GoNoodle videos or fight over who gets to choose them. haha! They know exactly how many they can choose. They can even save them for another day if they'd like to. They love these things! :)

I have been getting weed bouquets on a daily basis. I'm enjoying them now because tomorrow the lawn is getting mowed!

Collin is learning fractions. Look! It's another activity I created.

I didn't create this compound word activity but I did get it for free from teachers pay teachers. LOVE!!!

Crazy creations with the kiddy puzzles at the library by Collin. It was a rainy day so this is what they did after getting their books instead of playing in the park. ;)

Domino math.

I am very proud of this. To increase reading fluency, I have recorded myself reading books. The camera is facing the words and my finger follows along. I also get the pictures in there between pages. The kids are then supposed to watch the video and read it with me, following along with their finger or marker (if on a touchscreen). Then, I made a book where the kids can flip through and see the book covers, a brief description of the story, and the reading level of the book in both AR and Lexile. There is also a qr code the kids can scan and it takes them right to the book recording. I am loving this. It's great when I need to work with the other child. It would work for a center or all kinds of things. LOVE!!!

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