Saturday, April 26, 2014

Phone Purge

Yay!! Let's see what I find on my phone this week. :)

 We went bowling with the cousins. Above is Collin and below is Ryanne. Scores ranged from 98 to 67. That's with the bumpers up and the kids were ages 9-4. hehe!! They had fun and anytime someone hit a single pin there was cheering and clapping. Anytime someone tried there was clapping. haha! Loved the sportsmanship from these 6 kids. ;)

 Easter egg coloring!!!

 Here are 23 of the 24 eggs. ;)

 Easter basket. They each got a chocolate bunny, bubbles, a paddle and bouncy ball, a toy (Collin skylander and Ryanne a CD), and an article of clothing (Collin a shirt and tie and Ryanne a maxi skirt).

This is on the kids menu at O'Charleys. We found #5 amusing.... haha! None of them are veggies. It stumped Collin. He looked at it and said if you follow the rules then both apples and zucchini are technically fruit and potatoes are a tuber so none of them. So, he circled all of them. But, then he decided they probably wanted A so he just circled that one. haha! He was right... on all accounts.

This was exciting for me. I have gone from the first belt loop hole to the FOURTH belt loop hole!!! YAY!! Yes, I've lost that many inches and belts are kind of a requirement now for most of my belts to keep them from falling off. That is OK with me. ;)

Easter Day feast!! :)  Dessert on the right is a close up pic below.

Mini fruit pizzas. Yumm!!! Sugar cookies with cool whip/cream cheese frosting and sliced fruit.

Arwen got the ham-bone and loved it!

Paul came home and did crazy complicated math with the kids. They always love it when he does this. When I do their age appropriate math with them they are never this happy.

Ryanne was recommended to advance to ballet I and jazz I in the fall. YAY!!! She was in pre-ballet and mini-jazz this year. Over the summer she's taking acro/tumbling. The fall will start her 3rd year of dance. I can't believe it!

I am hoping to spend most days this summer like this... a book while the kids play in the sprinkler on the trampoline.

These were snacks for our earth day pack meeting. Aren't they cute. There were also yummy cookies to go with them.

At the pack meeting they made bird feeders (classic pine cone, peanut butter, and bird seed).

They also made bird baths out of pots. :)

This is how Ryanne sometimes watches/listens to her class. This was reading class. haha!

Brain break! Kids dancing to Frozen. ;)

practicing spelling. ;)

Ryanne discovered Encyclopedias at the library. After I explained what they were she thought they were very cool.

I just thought this was an interesting egg. It's so long and skinny. I have it next to a regular egg for comparison.

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