Thursday, April 17, 2014

I figured it out!!!!!

Yay!! Okay, I frequent Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) a lot!!! I print off FREE things from there all the time to use with my kids. However, sometimes the things I want or need are not free so I try to make my own by cutting out cards and drawing them or just making them somehow. I had no idea how to make them on the computer. I tried GIMP and other free things but just couldn't figure it out. Finally, I asked a teacher to has a TPT store and found out they create it in Power Point. Holy Cow!! This opened a whole new world for me. I have already made two products. I'm thinking I may open my own store on there and sell them if I keep this up. I may end up with enough products. LOL!

Here's what I made so far...
Affixes with Alexander Alligator. This one is matching with a worksheet which works well for K-3 and then an additional worksheet that works well for the 2-3 graders.
Caterpillar Contractions. This was the first one I made. It's just a matching game but it was fun and a good way to learn what I was doing. So fun making these!!! :)
Like I said, I may create a store. I think these are really fun and since I'll be making them for my kids, nieces, and nephews then I may as well try selling them too. YAY!!

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