Monday, April 14, 2014

I went to the second floor of the library!!!

I just have to say that it was amazing! I wish I had taken a picture while I was there but I didn't think about it. I was too busy taking everything in. I go to the library every week on the same day. However, last week, things didn't work out as planned, nor did they work out with the people I was supposed to meet so... after Paul got home, I went to the library... by myself!!

I felt like Belle did in this scene...

The way our library is set up is the whole first floor is picture books, then the juvenile books, then the non-fiction juvenile books, then the young adult books. It's kind of split up into 4 different rooms but they're open so if I want something to read I normally end up with a juvenile book or a young adult book. Don't get me wrong, I have found some great reads in this section but it was so amazing to walk up those stairs and enter a large room full of adults with rows and hallways and rooms of grown up books. *sigh*

It was just amazing. I am reading a grown up book!!!! YAY!!!! :)

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