Friday, April 18, 2014

Phone Purge Friday 4-18

New excitement from the discovery of GoNoodle (blogpost coming on it).

Flowers from my husband, just because. ;)

This is the armoire I have my eye on at Goodwill. It may sell soon or may have already sold but I LOVE it! :)

Me trying on pants that are 3 sizes smaller than what I wore at the beginning of Feb!! They weren't comfortable but they buttoned. That's exciting!!! :)

Paul built me a book shelf to go behind my couch. no one can even tell it's there! :)

I taught did a math activity in the classroom I'm working on. I talk about it in a future post. :)

We started our Week of Easter celebration we do every year.

This is part of the activity I did with my class I'm working in. Like I said... details to come.

Collin and I like to play basketball after cub scouts.

A fun shirt I found at Goodwill.
 For spring break we had a day with the cousins! :)
Cousins having fun at the park.

Another shot of them... it's hard to tell but there are 7 kids on here. :)

My youngest niece carrying a bag of puppy. She just looked so cute!
 After the park we went to the bowling alley only to discover they weren't open yet so we went to the museum instead.

 I have lots of pictures of dolls b/c my toddler niece wanted pictures of all of them. haha!

This is a shot of the inside of the dollhouse. It was very detailed. Loved it! I was trying to get my phone through the windows. haha!

Circus room!

In case you can't see it the sign in the clown's lap says, "Please don't touch me and I won't touch you!" hehe! It was a creepy clown.

The kids play room. They were able to play with in here. So fun!

This is blurry b/c the kids wouldn't stay still and I was using my camera phone which isn't that great. There are 8 kiddos here.  

The girls in the school room.

The boys in the school room.

Refrigerator Perry

This was hilarious! My sister and I had to explain how this phone worked. The kids thought it was horrible how long it took to dial someone.

They really thought this was crazy.

There is a small town outside our city that was moved so they could build a nuclear plant on the site. This was a sign they posted. So sad...

Old fire truck.

Going through the arch to the buildings in the back.

The outhouse. They even had a bowl of corn cobs out there. ;)


school house!

Ryanne got a new maxi skirt! 

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