Friday, April 11, 2014

Phone Purge Friday

Okay, I'm going to start trying to purge the pictures on my phone every Friday. YAY!!! So, are you ready for randomness?

In the classroom, I learned about Just Dance. In the local public schools the kids only get a 15-20 minute recess all day. So, in the mornings they have "movement" time.  Their movement time is normally "Just Dance" youtube videos. I showed them to Ryanne and she LOVED them. We went to the game store and found a previously owned version of Just Dance Kids and bought it for her. She loves it. haha! So fun watching her play.

Collin had a bit of an accident outside playing. The kids were riding their bikes and somehow Collin didn't see the light post that has been in our yard since before we bought the house, so all of Collin's life! Anyways, he crashed into it causing the top (in his hands) and 3 of the glass panes to fall out. Nothing broke from the lamp, bike, or child. YAY!! It just gave us all a good laugh. 

I am still doing the 21 Day Fix. I've been doing it for 61 days. I have to drink 80 oz of water/day so I have found this is my favorite way to drink it. I love fruit inside my water but my favorite is cucumber and strawberries. Yum yum!!! Especially the cucumber.

I'm still the cubmaster and we had a bridging and Arrow of Light Ceremony at the end of March. 3 boys bridged and 2 of those boys earned their Arrow of Light. The character trait for the month was Perseverance so we did a treasure hunt/Indiana Jones theme. It was fun. The boys went on a scavenger hunt that led them to dirt cake with gummy snakes. I thought it was fun. Hopefully the boys enjoyed it too. :)

I normally have the awards in paper bags and decorate the bags to go with the theme for the night so... it's a treasure map cub scout style. Get it?

Ryanne trying on her dad's pants. Funny girl!

I have been trying to declutter and organize. I managed to get all these notebooks narrowed down to 2. YAY!!

I was sent a 21 Day Fix t-shirt for free for completing the program. YAY!!! The front says "Closer Every Day" and the back says 21 Day Fix.

At cub scouts, the wolves flew kites. YAY!! Here's Collin.

Collin and Paul had TaeKwonDo testing. Collin earned his 1st level red belt and Paul earned his 2nd level brown belt. YAY!

So, in my in-the-classroom-tasks (or practicum) and assignments, I have learned a bit about choosing the correct books for children. This includes reading levels and everything (perhaps I'll do a post on that) and Collin is now a willing reader. I will admit, it has been really nice. We go to the library every week so I have a basket (in picture beside laundry basket -- clean clothes waiting to be folded) full of library books at the kids' reading levels. It really is nice seeing them just pick up a book because they want to. YAY!!

The kids made our pizzas last night. They used an entire package of pepperoni and over half a pound of bacon.... not to mention the cheese. Oh my goodness!! haha!! Collin also had big clumps of pineapple on his. Overall, they were really yummy pizzas but they sure had a healthy sized serving of protein on each slice. LOL!

I just love it when the kids get along so I often take pictures of them when they are playing nicely. Here they are playing with the train set. This is the train set Collin saved up $40 for when he was 6 or so.

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