Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter in our home...

There was a talk given today which expressed the same thing I have expressed on multiple occasions with my family so I thought I'd share it here now.

Which is more important, the birth of the Savior or the Atonement? Now, granted, the Atonement could not have happened without the birth, however, the Atonement is far more important. Anyone can be born, in fact, every is born. However, only one could go through the Atonement. One man atoned for every sin everyone on Earth has ever or will ever made. Then, he suffered, died on the cross, and was resurrected for US!! Now, I ask again, which should be celebrated more, the birth or the Atonement?

In our home, we spend a week on Easter. In 2009 I posted about our week of Easter. We still do that tradition. By the end of the week, our wall looks like this.

Our week before Easter looks a little something like this:

Monday: we read the Easter story from the new testament. Then we discuss the picture of the Triumphal Entry and what is happening. We also put up an LOA (Love One Another) poster on our wall. It's the LOA Wall. ;) We write on it throughout the week of things we love about each other. I think it's fun. Most of it is written in my handwriting. I think there's only 1 comment on there about me. LOL! I may express why I love everyone on there a bit too much.
In past years (not this year) I've made cupcakes and turned them upside down. The kids frost them with chocolate frosting, put green colored coconut flakes on it and and then put a vanilla wafer on it as the tomb door. It becomes and edible tomb. ;)

Tuesday: We discuss this picture....
Then we have eat and pretend we're at the last supper. Sometimes the kids dress up as apostles using sheets and things. Some years they have looked more like togas but... whatever. ;)

Wednesday: We discuss Gethsemane and what happened there....
Thursday: We discuss the Betrayal.

Then we talk about friendship and how to be a good friend and why it's important. We also talk about what a good friend would be to Jesus.

Friday: We discuss the Crucifixion.

This is generally a movie night. There are two great movies we watch this night. We either watch The Lamb of God

This is part one of 3 different parts. They're all on youtube though.
Or, we watch The Easter Dream --- this one is better for younger children than The Lamb of God and they both lead into great discussions after the movies.

Saturday: The Tomb

Then we make Easter Story Cookies.

This is also the day we do egg hunts and the kids get their Easter baskets.

Sunday: We discuss the Resurrection.
We go to church, make resurrection rolls, and have a big spring feast. ;)

Anyways.... that is our week of Easter! :) Don't you think it deserves more than one day?

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