Friday, September 7, 2012

You've all been wondering... maybe not....

I know you've all been wondering how our first couple weeks of school have been! :) Today, we completed week 3 of first grade and week 1 of 4-K. So exciting!! Here are some pics. :)

 Art class! He is texturing his bunny with a fork.hehe! He was learning about texture in art this day. :)
 First day of first grade photo.
 History class.... he was reviewing geography from kindergarten and placing the proper animals on the proper continents.
 He is keeping a record book this year. It's awesome! I love it b/c it gives Collin a chance to choose his favorite part of the lesson and draw a picture or write about it. It gives us an opportunity to review history each lesson too. :)
 He is learning how to add two digit numbers and carrying the one and all. Awesome! These are some of the manipulatives he uses for math.
 This year, SCVCS now gives a Reading Eggs membership to students. Woot! Collin is so excited about this.
 Somedays, he does school in his shades. ;)
 Phonics outside. Each of those tables is a bunch of words, some are random and others are words with double letter endings. He had to toss a penny at the table and if it landed on the double letter ending we were working on in that particular table then he had to read the word. If he could, then he got a point. ;) Yay!! He had to get 5 points at a table before he could move on. We did -zz, -ll, ss, and -ff. :)
 Some days are a little more stressful than others.
 Scientific Method -- Question: Will a popsicle melt slower in the shade than in the sun?
Hypothesis: Yes, a popsicle will melt slower in the shade.
Procedure: 1 pop in the sun and 1 in the shade and Collin is documenting his observations every 10 minutes until 1 has melted.

 Frozen pop...
 Melted pop... Conclusion: Collin's hypothesis was correct. The one in the shade melted slower than the one in the sun.
 Collin checking the popsicles.
Ryanne's 4-K picture!! Isn't she too cute? She is going 3 days/week and goes from 9-11 so it's a very short day but she's having fun and it makes me feel less guilty that she is getting ignored while Collin and I do school. Next year, she'll be doing school too w/ SCVCS too so it won't be so bad. We'll just be doing school all day! :)
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