Sunday, September 9, 2012

Random mobile pics

Giant mushroom we found....

Ryanne and I had a girly afternoon. We had rootbeer floats and painted our nails. Of course, we had to go and buy nail polish first b/c I didn't have any. ;) We did french manicures to mine and Ryanne's were sparkles.

With white toenails. Unfortunately, she touched her toe before it was dry and then wiped it off on her foot. LOL! So, she had a little white spot on her foot when this picture was taken. ;)

Then she and I went outside and played tag then hide and go seek and then baby. Then we went on a walk with our cat, Baker. When we got home we realized we had locked ourselves out of the house so we had to wait for Paul to get home to let us in. hehe... oops!

Climbing in the tree after church.

Aiken's Makin. I gave each of the kids $10. I don't know if you can see it but they both have rock candy in their hands, there is cotton candy hanging from my purse. They also both bought wooden tops and Collin bought a geode rock. I think it's amethyst crystals growing inside of it. He loves rocks (it's a science so, of course he would, right? ;) and learning new things about them so now he knows how those are formed too. ;)

Beading jewelry with Mi-Mi/

 I decided to try Hilary Weeks' challenge. She heard that the average person has 300 negative thoughts a day. So, she decided to test it. She got a clicker and clicked for all her negative thoughts. By the end of the week she felt miserable so then she decided to click for all her positive thoughts. She said it was amazing the different focusing on the positive thoughts. So... I started it this past week.
After two days, this is what my clicker showed. I don't think that is possible though. I asked my family if anyone messed with it and they all said no but, I did the math, I would have to hit the clicker once a minute for 19 hrs straight to get this number. I did hit the clicker a lot but I don't think it was that often. I dunno though... it could have been. I still think someone messed with it but it's a cool think anyways. If you want more details then go to I love it b/c anytime something frustrating happened I found myself flipping that negative thought into a positive. I seem to be more empathetic and understanding as well. Awesome!

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