Friday, September 21, 2012

What a week!!

Poor Paul got home this week from California and I am so glad this wasn't the week he was gone.
First off... Ryanne was sick so I took her to the doctor and she's now on meds. It's one of those feminine illnesses so I don't want to go into too much detail online but let's say... not pleasant.

Wednesday night, Paul got an urge for a glass of water at midnight. As he was walking by the sleeping Collin, Collin started vomiting. So Paul rushed to Collin to help him sit up and get to the bathroom while calling my name for help. There are a couple things you should know. Collin is a projectile vomiter and I am a heavy sleeper. Neither of these ended well for Paul. He ended up slipping and falling into the vomit. Sometime around this time he yelled for me really loud. I jumped up and ran into the living room with no idea what I'd find. In the few steps I took I envisioned robbers/murderers invading our home. I don't know what I thought I would do to help but I was going. I saw both my boys covered in vomit while one was still coughing and hacking and projectile vomiting down the hall on the way to the bathroom. I worked on helping Collin to the toilet and as soon as there was a reprieve, I got him into the shower when I realized he was still half asleep. He sleep walks so I'm not sure how much of this whole experience he was awake for. He was hopping out of the shower like he didn't know what it was. I finally got him talking to me like a normal person and he got in. Once he was taken care of and cleaning the vomit off his body I went out to help Paul clean the bedding, floors, walls, and furniture of the house. Oh, did I mention that Ryanne slept through this entire thing? Yeah, she's a heavier sleeper than I am. :) After that episode Collin was fine. He was hungry so he ate but no more problems. I have no idea what happened to him.

Now, fast forward to today.... Friday. It started as a typical Friday morning. Paul was home from work, I was studying for my enormous exam that I had today (I passed) and Collin came in here telling me about the ways he was going to save up to buy Ryanne a Christmas present. So sweet. Then, he was heading back to the living room and as he passed the piano and dining room table he decided to do this swinging thing that all kids do. Admit it, you have done it too. Where you put one hand on both objects, life yourself a couple inches off the ground and swing your legs back and forth. Well, his legs went backwards too far, his hands slipped and his face smashed into the floor. I ran to him and saw only blood gushing from his face. I got him to the bathroom to try and slow down the bleeding. Then, I realized one of his front teeth was gone and the other was crooked. As I stared, I realized his gums were already turning purple. I called the dentist immediately (I was a panicked mom, okay. :) Here's a picture.....

The dentist thinks it's okay. He was so swollen she didn't want to x-ray him so in 2 weeks we are supposed to go back so they can make sure everything else is okay. She did look at his x-rays from February and thinks his permanent teeth were far enough up in his gums that they hopefully sustained no damage. Poor Collin though. He is on Tylenol and ice packs for a while. He can eat soup and applesauce and cannot use a straw. :/

At least I can say.... this week has been anything but boring!! :) 
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