Sunday, January 22, 2012

Update on the add-on!! :)

I'm all smiles b/c I'm so excited!! We met with the contractor this week and he said that what we have planned is well within the budget that we set for ourselves. He's working on getting us an "official quote" and then we'll work on the loan and the plan is to have it completed by the end of the summer!! Hooray!! So, we've lived in our little 1,000 sq ft home for over 7 years now. Notice that it's 2 bedroom and one bath, all the entrances to the house are on the right side of it and the laundry room is kind of outside. "/ This was bigger than the house that we used to live in and had tons of room.... 7 years ago when it was just Paul and me.
We've been feeling a little squashed in it though with 4 of us living here, plus a dog, two cats and a fish. ;) At first we planned to just sell the house and buy a new one but after a lot of prayer and talking to contractors and real estate agents we have decided that we are going to add on to the house instead. We're going to add 500 sq ft to it making our home a whopping 1500 sq ft!! YAY! I'm so excited. Here is what we have drawn up for the home. Now, keep in mind that windows and things aren't right and even though there are no windows in the floor plan below... we will have windows. ;)
Okay, check it out. The kids will have their own rooms (the two at the far left of the house), we will have our own room (the one on the front) and our own bathroom, and then we can turn the current master bedroom (the one on the back) into a den. YAY!! Also, you will note the laundry area INSIDE the house!! Oh yeah!! I'm so excited after speaking to the contractor and finding out price ranges and things. We're going to continue the hardwood floor through out and put a set of french doors in the new master bedroom and in the dining room to the backyard. Yeap!! I'm excited!! So... for 2012 expect a lot of updates on this throughout the year! :)
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