Thursday, January 19, 2012

Swiffer Duster reusable covers

I love Swiffer products! I really do. The duster is awesome... it can be long or short and I can bed the end at any angle so that I can get walls or the top of the ceiling fan or anything. They are seriously awesome. But... I hate that they made them so that I must buy disposable duster covers all the time.
It's only about $3.00 for a box but I'm cheap and find it annoying. But, today I had an a-ha moment and saw on pinterest reusable ones. They were made from felt or something like that but I had microfiber rags that I use to clean with all the time. I LOVE microfiber so I thought, "Hey... I can do this. So, here is what I did....
So, I got an old, used rag. Yes, it's dirty... it's a cleaning rag. That's just the way it is. :)
Then I folded it in half so that the ends didn't quite meet.
I put my swiffer up there and decided that I could get three out of it so I cut it into thirds.
Now for the technical part... I traced the swiffer. Yeah, I really did. Remember that those arches are there to make it tight so I didn't leave any room for them. I just traced the straight part and formed a rectangle. I also just ignored the fact that there was no middle. The less complicated, the better for me. :)
Then I put three pins in just to hold it in place.
Then, I stitched it. I used a zig zag stitch and set it on the longest stitch possible. I just stitched it along my pencil marks.
See... easy peasy. I suppose you could stop here but I didn't.
I cut the fringe. :)
Now I have 3 washable duster covers for my Swiffer Duster. YAY!! :)

And you, my dear friend, are next! *evil laugh*
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