Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Our March Afternoon

We played in the sprinklers. A little girl, Gwyn, lives down the street from us and the bus drops her off from kindergarden right in front of our house. She always plays and the last couple of days the heat has been unbearable and it's only March!!! Ronni's little face turned bright red yesterday and she sprawled her little body out over my chest and Collin and Gwyn just sat in the shade. Both of them are very busy so that was pretty odd. It's only been in the mid-80s so I don't know what they're going to do when we get to July. Anyways... today we decided to hook up the sprinkler and it was sooooo much fun!

Here's Collin and Gwyn posing for the camera.
Ronni -- she was tired of the sprinklers. She thought the water was too cold ;) hehe

Here she is in her cute little swimming suit. She's leaving all of us on our own. She doesn't need water to have fun. hehe!

Collin and Gwyn posing for the camera... again. They did this a couple of times.

Here are the big kids pushing Ronni through the sprinklers on her little riding toy.

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