Saturday, March 14, 2009


So... until about two weeks ago I had never heard of Aldi (it's a grocery store). It just came here. I saw in the newspaper how cheap things are there ---- like a gallon of milk for $1.99. Oh my heck!!

Anyways, I went today for my normal bi-monthly grocery trip. We are a family of four and I normally spend $100-150 on one of these trips. I know... I'm trying to figure out how to bring it down and I just might have. I got to the store and had to put a quarter in a little attachment on the cart to get it out (I got it back when I returned it) and I thought, "Oh my... why am I here if they charge you to get a buggy?" Anyways... I got inside and went crazy. The prices were so good I bought things I never do. I got all kinds of snacks for dh and the kids; cookies, chips. I even got yogurt in the small containers instead of one big one and I got the kids a generic brand like go-gurts --- which they've NEVER had before. I bought fresh fruits to snack on instead of frozen. I got the nice skinny, yummy sandwich meat that is always so expensive and then all my normal stuff. I went through the checkout isle and..... $78!!!!! WHAT!!!!?????????? I LOVE THAT PLACE!!! I can't wait to tell dh tonight when he gets home. YAY!!!!

Just thought I'd share my wonderful grocery shopping experience. ;)
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