Monday, March 16, 2009

Me, trying to get organized... huh???

Well, those of you who know me know how much I hate house work (even though that seems to be all I do anymore... hehe!). Toys were everywhere and I couldn't seem to get rid of them. A friend gave me a great idea and I took her up on it. I organized the kids toys into boxes and locked them in the closet. We have the car box, and a puzzle box, and a marble run box, animals, farm... etc. You get the idea. Now the kids come to me and let me know they want a toy. I open the closet and they get one box. When they are finished playing w/ it they put all the toys back in that box and we put it away.

In the past I have had trouble w/ Collin starting to clean and then get distracted w/ something else. This solved that problem. Another thing was Collin would want a toy, play w/ it for a minute and then move on to another toy. With this new system he and Ronni have played w/ the same thing all day. I LOVE IT!!! It has also given us more space so we've started moving Ronni's stuff into the room. We're hoping the adoption will be finalized in April sometime so she'll finally be able to move out of our room and in w/ her brother. We have to make room. ;)

Here's Ronni running around w/ the giant blocks in their decluttered room.

Here is my organized closet.

And then I just had to throw this picture in b/c I thought it was cute. Paul sleeping in Collin's bed. Haha!! We'll have to get Ronni a bed soon. ;) She's getting soooo big!

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