Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pajama Party!

Aren't they cute? Collin refused to put his pajama pants on. He kept saying it was a hat so we put it on his head instead. hehe! A was so sleepy in this picture. She just looks so somber.

Today went so much better than yesterday with A. I think she's starting to feel comfortable in her new environment. She's been exploring everything, talking all the time, eating anything, and definitely laughing more. She still has to have Paul or me in her line of site at all times but she is still doing great. We still hear her starting to cry if she can't catch the cat but when she does catch him she pulls his whiskers so... it's probably a good thing she doesn't catch him. At least it's Baker though -- he just ignores her and walks away. haha! Hooray for nice cats! That's our update for today. I am really liking being a mother of two -- well, three but raising two ;). It keeps me busy but it's so much fun!
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