Monday, July 7, 2008

Do you hear that, Mom?

This was the question continuously asked to me during the passing of the sacrament on Sunday. I had explained to Collin that he needed to be quiet because the Holy Ghost needed to stay at church and when there is a lot of loud noise the Holy Ghost will go away. I told him people want the Holy Ghost around because he makes people happy.

Collin nodded as if he understood and then sat quietly looking at his book. About halfway through the passing of the "Jesus Bread" (as Collin calls it) he leaned over to me with his hand on his ear (as seen in photo) and asked, "Do you hear that, Mom? Do you hear that?"

I leaned down and reminded him to whisper then asked him what he heard. His response made me smile. "Collin hears the Holy Ghost, Mom!"

He repeated this several times. I thought it was awesome! =) I hope you enjoyed this story as much as me.

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