Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Collin's "Learning Poster"

This week's theme was cows and we also learned about squares so I cut out squares of different sizes and Collin made a cow. I thought he did a pretty good job. The ears make it look more like a cow but I still think he did well. =)

As most of you know I am always trying to come up with short little activities for Collin and me to work on during the week. You know, a little constructive play. =) Now that he has a baby sister we are able to have some one on one time during her first nap. Collin seems to like it and if I don't give him that one on one time then he acts out all day. Anyways... I found an awesome sight and wanted to share. http://www.letteroftheweek.com/ Above is a picture of Collin's "Learning Poster". That's his hand pointing to things. I didn't realize he was doing that until I looked at the picture but I thought it was pretty cute. hehe! The silly delays on the digital cameras! haha!

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