Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The newest Smith addition!!

Of course I had to get a pic of Collin hugging his new baby sister!

Here, she was playing with the soccer ball. She was determined to catch it but it kept rolling away so she'd chase after it. I think it wore her out b/c she was asleep a few minutes later. haha!

Because of some pending paperwork still going on we are not posting her name to the public. If you know us then you will know her name. On here we will refer to her as "A".
By the time we finally left from signing the papers we had already been there for two hours. When we made it home A was tired and hungry so she was cranky. She was also in a new house with strangers and didn't really know what was going on. She was too tired to eat and to hunry to sleep. After about 30 minutes of this Collin sat down next to her eating his mac and cheese and she decided that was what she wanted, too. I gave her a bottle, cereal, and peaches... she was definitely hungry! Since then she's been completely happy. The only time she gets upset is when Baker, the cat, walks away from her. She likes him. hehe! That's what's going on now. Both kids are asleep so I am able to update ppl on here. Isn't she adorable??
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