Friday, July 4, 2008

Collin's Dream About Shoes

I know... I just posted a pic of a pair of Collin's play shoes but there is a reason for it. =) The other night Collin woke me with a scream. But it didn't stop, he kept screaming. I thought he had fallen off his bed or an arm was stuck or something. I ran in there ready to tackle whatever the problem might be but I was thrown slightly off my game when I discovered the problem. Through his sobbing gasps I was able to understand, "Mommy, Collin's shoes broke." He kept repeating it over and over. I tried to convince him that they weren't broken but nothing would soothe his cries. I finally had to go on a shoe hunt at 2 in the morning. Once the shoes were located and shown to Collin he had to take them from my hands and inspect them himself. I explained to Collin it was probably a dream and tried to explain what a dream was. He nodded, stifled a last cry, handed the shoes back to me, rolled over and fell back asleep. I had to wake Paul up just to tell him what happened. I thought it was so funny. Poor kid loves his red shoes! =)
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