Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Sand River

Today we went with friends to hike. The kids all wanted to hike through Sand River. Sand River is exactly what it sounds like.... a river of sand. There are also caution signs around it like this one:
Guess what. There's been lots of rain here in the past week. We started on Sand River and thought, well, this isn't so bad. It's just sandy. So, we continued going.
Collin tossed off his backpack for the picture. His hands were cold too so he's wearing my fingerless gloves. :) 

A shot of Sand River. I happen to think Sand River is really pretty. 

Logs were laying across it all over the place. 

See, here are some more.

Okay, I thought this fungus was really cool. It looks like Ferngully fungus. You know, where the little people were jumping from fungus to fungus as they leaped down the tree or whatever. haha! Can't you just picture little fairies dancing from one fungus to the next? No? Just me? Oh well, I still thought it was cool. 
As we went though, it started getting wetter. Soon, the kids were screaming excitedly as we were all (including the moms) falling in quicksand. haha! My hiking The deepest I went in was mid calf. Needless to say, my feet were wet. I could shake my foot and feel the water sloshing around in my boot. LOL!

See how it's getting wet? I didn't take many pictures in the wet parts because I was too busy trying not to fall in. LOL!

We survived the quicksand!! The kids took off their shoes to try to dry their feet.

Then everyone at lunch on the wall. Shoes and socks did not dry so most of them walked back to the cars barefoot. It was probably only a quarter mile to the parking area from here. LOL!
So, that was our exciting hiking adventure today. We're planning for another next week. hehe!

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