Friday, December 19, 2014

I'm in Girl Scouts too!

 Let's not forget that I'm in girl scouts, too! We can't let the boys have all the fun! The girls made mini compost bins. This meant they had to *wait for it* touch worms! The funny thing is they chose their project! LOL! They chose to make compost bins. It was so funny watching them. Ryanne and I just stuffed our hands in and a couple other girls but so many of them were like, "you want me to do what?" LOL! Too funny! A few of the ones who started off afraid were playing with their worms by the end of it. :) Love the Daisies!

Let me also note that I now have a medium sized planter on my kitchen counter which is the home of quite a few earthworms now and is being used as a compost bin. The kids think it's pretty cool and the other day they found a baby worm in it so now we think there may be a few MORE worms than we started with. LOL!

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