Thursday, December 25, 2014


Christmas Ornaments

We have had a wonderful Christmas.

We started Christmas Eve by watching The Nativity.
Then we went to my sister's house. All 7 of the kids drew a Secret Santa name. They then bought that cousin/sibling a gift from the Dollar Store. So, on Christmas Even they exchange gifts. It's so fun watching them play for hours with their Dollar Store gifts because we do no other gifts that night. We just have the cousins play and eat finger foods. It's fun and low key. Totally perfect. :) 

Christmas morning we let the kids look in their stockings. See what Santa left this year...
We all got the Q-bitz Extreme game.

Paul and I got gloves, hats, and socks in our stockings.
Collin got socks, Brain Builders game, Dragon Slayers' Academy book 2, compression bags for backpacking, and play-do.
Ryanne got socks, Story Dice game, DC Pets book, underwear, and play-do.
Then we had our traditional breakfast of Monkey Bread.

We have Monkey Bread for breakfast every year since Collin was a baby and often change the recipe. This is the best one we've had yet. Yummy! 

Then the kids got to open their gifts. They totally hit the jackpot. The kids get 3 gifts from us.

Fun Gift: 14 in 1 Solar Robot Kit
Practical: Water bladder for backpacking
Homemade: Fort Building kit

I've been asked by several people what was in the fort kit so here ya go.... 2 twin flat sheets from Goodwill. Then I bought a Large t-shirt from Goodwill and cut it into strips and sewed it around the edges so the sheet has ties. I also included flashlights, clothespins, and glowsticks. Pictured is one of the twin sheets. The kids didn't have the second one up yet.
Fun Gift: Spa Kit (she gets to create her own spa stuff)
Practical: Day pack for hiking
Homemade: Dress up doll kit (cuts clothing out of scrap material and glues it to paper dolls)

They loved everything. YAY!!

Then, from grandparents:

hiking backpack
chocolate orange
Triop growing kit
Hand carved Christmas ornaments

Headband making kit
Chocolate Orange
Dollhouse Furniture
Hand carved Christmas ornaments

Yes, my children totally scored. Paul and I got some pretty cool things too -- books, clothing, and I got a hiking backpack!!! :)

I love that we keep our Christmas celebrating pretty simple. We stayed home all day and hung out together. We played games, talked about Christ and ate food. It wasn't a fancy feast or anything... just something simple that was fun and kept me out of the kitchen.

The kids and I were found on the floor most of the day playing with their toys and games. So fun! I love Christmas! I love being able to hang out with family and enjoy a simple day together. :) 
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