Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Zoo and Collin's Birthday

The Daisies and Brownies made a trip to the zoo but since it was Collin's birthday, we thought we'd make a family outing of it. So, Ryanne and I did the girlscout things first (see the paper and pencil -- scavenger hunt!) then we met up with the boys and hung out with them. 

We met them at the Gorilla house. This was Patrick and he was not happy because the other male was in the window. He was hitting the wall. It was kind of crazy!

In the past, I have refused to go on the 3 story ropes course with my children because I don't like heights. I have a fear of falling. However, my brave husband decided to go with them. 

Here are the 3 of them on the second level. 

This was the spot where I saw the fear in Collin's eyes. He was doing it and kept going but not higher. He came down and said, "I think I inherited your fear of falling." Poor kid.

Paul wasn't enjoying himself much either as he and Ryanne went higher and higher. 

However, Ryanne was too short to be allowed on by herself and she LOVED it! So, Paul kept going with her. :) Sweet dad. :) 

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