Saturday, August 24, 2013

Random collection of pictures from our life.

School started this year. Yes, we are virtual schooling again. Here are Collin's assignments for the first week. Oh my heck!!!The top two squares are all language arts assignments... he had handwriting, literature and composition, writing skills, vocabulary, and spelling. Then the other subjects of course. Those are just language arts!

Playing in the rain!!!

Start of school ice cream party. Banana splits!!!

Paul and I were sword fighting with vegetables as we were preparing dinner. I won!! (I had the carrot ;)

After speech and occupational therapy we always go on a walk around the pond. This week we found baby ducks!! The mother let the kids walk right up to them. When we left, two of the baby ducklings followed us to the parking lot so we walked back to the pond and they followed us back to the pond. We waited until they were playing happily with their siblings again and then ran for the van! LOL! The kids thought it was awesome!

Ryanne's math assignment was to make a puppet with shapes. She loved it. Collin wanted to do that instead of his 2nd grade math. haha! Kindergarten math just looks so much better than 2nd grade.

Mismatched and barefoot. It's a great example of how my kids look for school everyday.

I still can't believe she's in kindergarten and I have no idea why she was wearing a sweater in SC in August. 

I just thought this was a cute picture. They were laughing at each other and Collin had a piece of sassafras candy stuffed in his cheek so it only added to the humor.

How do you practice spelling? Collin likes Spelling Baseball. I drew this and laminated it last year. He's writing "lock". If he gets it right then he gets to move the pennies another run. If he gets it wrong then he gets a strike. After three strikes the pennies and nickels trade spots.

Wednesday was quite exciting. Ryanne and Baker were playing outside and Baker got into a hissing fight with a baby snake. Ryanne and I caught it (scooped it up with a shovel) and put it in an empty trashcan. Then, we started searching the area and found 2 more. Three total. I caught them b/c if they were venomous, I needed to kill them. However, if they were good snakes then I didn't want to kill them. So, Ryanne and I waited until Paul and Collin got home and we found out they were just rat snakes. Juvenile Black Rat snakes to be exact. We found them a new home with lots of grass and woods to hide in instead of on our .25 acre lot. 

Ryanne started girlscouts this year!! Isn't she such a cute daisy? Unfortunately, it's 6:30-8:30 pm so she gets home an hour after her bedtime and it's dark and she needs to go to bed but she's all excited about it. She came home last night with a birdbath and had to wait until today to put it out. LOL! 

So, we put it out this morning. However, we have a cat who goes outside so this may just be his water dish b/c not many birds will feel comfortable bathing in this with him around. haha!

And then I had to include this picture. Poor Baker. haha!

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